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Commodities Trading Technical Indicators

Commodities Trading Technical Indicators This article is an extension of Calculate MACD in Excel and technical indicators covered in an earlier post. The same trend indicators have been applied towards Commodities and Precious Metals here. The idea behind investing in precious metals is that it protects your portfolio against high inflation. Historically, people look to commodities like […]

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Exponential Moving Average in Excel

* Update – Trade and Investing models that were earlier written using Yahoo! Finance Stock API have been rewritten to pull quotes from Bloomberg Markets API. At this time only US stocks and ETF quotes can be retrieved from this model spreadsheet. See setup instructions. A primer on Exponential Moving Average The moving average method is […]

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Calculate MACD in Excel

* Update – Trade and investing models that were designed earlier using Yahoo! Finance API have been rewritten to retrieve quotes from Bloomberg Markets. At this time only US stocks and ETFs can be retrieved from the MACD model. See setup instructions. Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) MACD is a popular trend-following momentum indicator. The […]

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All spreadsheets now pulling quotes from Bloomberg API

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